After GSTR-3B Now GSTR-1 can also be file in just 2 simple text messages (SMS) From 1st July 2020.

On 27th June,2020 through Press Release CBIC take a major move towards GST taxpayers’ facilitation, the Government has decided to provide the facility of SMS filing of NIL statement of FORM GSTR-1from 1st week of July 2020.

As per the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC), the filing of NIL statement in FORM GSTR-1 also through SMS would substantially improve ease of GST compliance for over 12 lakh registered taxpayers. In the current Situation, these taxpayers have to log into their accounts on the GST portal and then file their statement of outward supplies in FORM GSTR-1 every month or each quarter.

GST taxpayers with NIL outward supplies would not be required to log on to the GST Portal and would be able to file their NIL statement in FORM GSTR-1 through just an SMS.

Note:- the facility to file NIL monthly GSTR-3B return through SMS has already been made available since 8th June 2020. you can read Here:-Now it is possible to file your Nil GSTR-3B Return in just 2 simple text messages (SMS), Read with FAQ

How to file Nil GSTR-1 through SMS?

Step-1:- You just type a message NIL <space> R1 <space> GSTIN No.<space> tax period in MMYYYY format and send it to 14409 from your registered mobile number.  Example:- Nil R1 07AGBPS1521MSZC 062020 (for quarterly return of April-June 2020) and Nil R1 07AGBPS1521MSZC 042020 (for monthly return of April 2020).

Step-2:- You will receive a six-digit validation codeExample:- 214152 is the code for Nil filing of GSTR-3B for 07AGBPS1521MSZC period of 052020. this code is valid for up to 30 minutes.

Step-3:– Now you are required to send one more message for six-digit code received earlier to 14409 for confirmation that is CNF<space>R1<space>06 digit code  Example:- CNF R1 214152 send to 14409

Step-4:- after all the above steps you have done you will receive a confirmation message with ARN No. indicating that NIL filling has been successful. Example:- Your 07AGBPS1521MSZC, GSTR-1 for the tax period 052020 is filled successfully and ARN is AA070519222245F. Please use this ARN to track the status of your return.

For tracking your filled GST return:-

For tracking your GST Returns log on the GST portal by logging in to GSTIN account and navigating to Services > Returns > Track return status.

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