Key Highlights of FM Press Conference Held on 15 May,2020 -Part 3

For the Aatam Nirbhar Bharat campaign our FM Press Conference Held on 15 May,2020 -Part 3 following are the key highlights:-

Rs 1 lakh crore Agri Infrastructure Fund for farm gate infrastructure for farmers
  • Lack of adequate cold chain & Post Harvest Management infrastructure in the vicinity of farm gate causing gaps in value chains.
  • Focus has been on short term crop loans while investment in long term agriculture infrastructure has often not been enough.
  • Financing facility of Rs. 1,00,000 crore will be provided for funding Agriculture Infrastructure Projects at farm gate & aggregation points (Primary Agricultural Cooperative Societies, Farmers Producer Organisations, Agriculture entrepreneurs, Startups, etc.)
  • The impetus for development of farm gate & aggregation point, affordable and financially viable Post Harvest Management infrastructure.
  • Fund will be created immediately.
Rs 10,000 crores scheme for Formalisation of Micro Food Enterprises (MFE)
  • Scheme promotes a vision of Hon PM Vocal for Local with Global outreach.
  • Unorganized MFEs units need technical up-gradation to attain FSSAI food standards, build brands and marketing.
  • A Scheme will be launched to help 2 lakh MFEs attain above goals.
  • Existing micro food enterprises, Farmer Producer Organisations, Self Help Groups and Cooperatives to be supported.
  • Cluster-based approach (eg Mango in UP, Kesar in J&K, Bamboo shoots in North East, Chilli in Andhra Pradesh, Tapioca in Tamil Nadu etc.
  • Expected outcomes Improved health and safety standards, integration with retail markets, improved incomes.
  • Will also help in reaching untapped export markets in view of improved health consciousness
Rs 20,000 crores for Fishermen through Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY)
  • Critical gaps in fisheries value chain.
  • Government will launch the PMMSY for integrated sustainable, inclusive development of marine and inland fisheries.
  • Rs 11 000 Cr for activities in Marine, Inland fisheries and Aquaculture.
  • Rs 9000 Cr for Infrastructure Fishing Harbours Cold chain, Markets etc.
  • Cage Culture, Seaweed farming, Ornamental Fisheries as well as New Fishing Vessels, Traceability, Laboratory Network etc will be key activities.
  • Provisions of Ban Period Support to fishermen (during the period fishing is not permitted), Personal Boat Insurance.
  • Will lead to Additional Fish Production of 70 lakh tonnes over 5 years.
  • Employment to over 55 lakh persons double exports to Rs 1 00 000 Cr.
  • Focus on Islands, Himalayan States, Northeast and Aspirational Districts.
Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund Rs . 15,000 crore
  • Many areas in the country with high milk production having great potential for private investment in Dairy.
  • Aim to support private investment in Dairy Processing, value addition, and cattle feed infrastructure.
  • An Animal Husbandry Infrastructure Development Fund of Rs 15 000 crore will be set up.
  • Incentives to be given for establishing plants for the export of niche products.
Promotion of Herbal Cultivation : Rs . 4000 crore.
  • National Medicinal Plants Board ( has supported 2.25 lac hectare area under cultivation of medicinal plants
  • 10 00 000 hectares will be covered under Herbal cultivation in the next two years with an outlay of Rs 4000 crore
  • Will lead to Rs 5 000 crores income generation for farmers
  • Network of regional Mandis for Medicinal Plants
  • NMPB will bring an 800-hectare area by developing a corridor of medicinal plants along the banks of Ganga.
Beekeeping initiatives Rs 500 crores
  • Beekeeping is a livelihood supporting activity for rural areas.
  • Increases yield quality of crops through pollination.
  • Provides honey and other beehive products like wax Government will implement a scheme for.
  • Infrastructure development related to Integrated Beekeeping Development Centres Collection, Marketing and Storage Centres Post Harvest value Addition facilities etc.
  • Implementation of standards Developing traceability system.
  • Capacity building with thrust on women.
  • Development of quality nucleus stock and bee breeders This will lead to an increase in income for 2 lakh beekeepers and quality honey to consumers.
Amendments to Essential Commodities Act to enable better price realisation for farmers
  • EC Act, 1955 was enacted in days of scarcity.
  • Need to enable better price realization for farmers by attracting investments and making agriculture sector competitive.
  • Agriculture foodstuffs including cereals, edible oils, oilseeds, pulses, onions, and potato to be deregulated.
  • Stock limits to be imposed under very exceptional circumstances like national calamities, famine with the surge in prices.
  • No such stock limit shall apply to processors or value chain participants, subject to their installed capacity or to any exporter subject to the export demand.
  • The government will amend the Essential Commodities Act.

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