What is Career Ascent Programme for Experienced Chartered Accountants(CAs)? How CAs can apply?


The Committee for Members in Industry & Business (CMI&B) of ICAI takes yet another initiative in the form of potential opportunity for the Chartered Accountants to secure career advancement in the leading organizations.

Change and advancement in career depend upon how the imminent opportunities are capitalised.

It is a pleasure to inform you that the CMI&B is organizing Career Ascent Programme for experienced Chartered Accountants who are having experience of one year & above and are looking for a change. 

What is Career Ascent Programme?

Career Ascent Programme is a platform specifically designed and aims to provide placement opportunities to the experienced Chartered Accountants. This initiative of CMI&B is an extended dimension to the existing initiatives i.e Campus Placement Programmes, undertaken by CMI&B to provide employment opportunities to the Newly Qualified Chartered Accountants, organized twice a year. 

The details of the Career Ascent Programme are as follows:-

Who is eligible for the Career Ascent Programme?

A Chartered Accountant(CA) having Membership as on 31st August 2019 or prior to that is eligible for the programme.

Lateral placement Interview Schedule (by virtual mode):

Centres(Location)Date of Interview
Chennai22nd September,2020
Kolkata23rd September,2020
Mumbai24th September,2020
New Delhi25th September,2020
Registration Fee: (For Members):-

Members who wish to register for the Career Ascent programme shall be required to remit a registration cum participation fee (non-refundable) amounting to Rs 1,000/-

What is the Schedule of Activities?

Sr. No.ActivitiesLast Date
1.Start date for Member registration01/09/2020
2.Last date for Member registration08/09/2020
3.Start date for company registration25/08/2020
4.Last date for company registration10/09/2020
5.Opening of database for companies10/09/2020
6.Short listing by Companies10/09/2020 To 15/09/2020
7.Consent sending by Members16/09/2020 & 17/09/2020
8.Online Psychometric and written test19/09/2020
9.Date of Interview22/09/2020 To 25/09/2020

How to Apply for Career Ascent Programme?

If you are truly serious and looking for better career opportunities in the industry, you may avail of this opportunity.

The Career Ascent Programme would be available at https://cmib.icai.org/ you have to just register yourself and fill the details in the given form and paid the fees.

Guidelines For the Members:-

  • The members must register online at https://cmib.icai.org/
  • A member can select a maximum of three (3) recruiting entities irrespective of the number of recruiting entities shortlisted him/ her.
  • A member can opt for only one center for appearing in the interview.
  • Once finally selected by any company and on accepting the offer by signing the offer letter of respective organization/ declaration provided by ICAI, the member cannot appear for any other interview or accept a job from the other recruiting organization that have interviewed him/ her earlier in Career Ascent.
  • The last dates for filling up online application forms for the members, shortlisting details, consent for appearing in the interviews of the various participating organizations will be as per the details given at https://cmib.icai.org/
  • The Members have to apply online at https://cmib.icai.org/ for the placement under the head ‘Career Ascent’.
  • The Submission of the form for the Career Ascent would be considered complete only after clicking the Submit the Registration Form and making the payment.
  • Members who are already registered on CA Job Portal at https://cajobs.icai.org/ have to use the same credentials for registering for the career Ascent programme.
  • Interviews will be conducted through virtual mode by the platform convenient to the participating organization as per the roster prepared by ICAI
  • Link for attending the virtual interview will be shared by participating organizations to all consented members on their registered e-mail id.

Guidelines For the Companies:-

  • The companies participating will have to register online at https://cmib.icai.org/
  • The companies can access the database at https://cmib.icai.org/
  • Participating companies will have to provide the list of shortlisted candidates online on placement portal https://cmib.icai.org/
  • The final list of candidates appearing for interview will be available online at https://cmib.icai.org/ one day after consent date by the candidate at respective centers.
  • Interviews will be conducted through virtual mode by the platform convenient to the participating organization as per the roaster prepared by ICAI.
  • Shortlisting of the candidates by the company is restricted to 7 times the number of vacancies in that particular organization
  • Once a company has selected any candidate and the offer is accepted by the candidate, it is the responsibility of the company to inform the center heads.
  • The companies participating have to offer a minimum CTC as per the experience criteria:
Sr. No.Work experience Minimum CTC
1.1-5 YearsINR 10 LPA
2.5-10 YearsINR 15 LPA
3.10-20 YearsINR 24 LPA
4.20 years & aboveINR 36 LPA

“We wish the participating companies and ICAI members all the best.”

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