What is ICAI Research Project Scheme ?

Researchers in the field of Pure and Applied Research of our thrust areas will be reimbursed with their research cost with a maximum up to INR ten lac per project.

1. Develop MCQs

The Board of Studies has web hosted an announcement at https://resource.cdn.icai.org/59026bos48130.pdf inviting application of interest from members
in practice and members in industry for development of high quality MCQs for practical training assessment and from all subject experts for developing MCQs in select core papers of the CA course with 30:70 assessment (i.e., 30 marks objective and 70 marks descriptive).
The MCQs developed for 30:70 assessment can be either independent MCQs or integrated scenario based MCQs.
Interested persons have to fill up the google form available at
for expression of interest.
In case of further queries write to [email protected]

2. Develop Case Studies

The BoS, through its announcement webhosted at https://resource.cdn.icai.org/56407bosicaidcscs.pdf, has also invited subject experts to develop high quality case studies in elective papers at final level.
The google form for expression of interest for development of case studies is available at
The announcements specify the detailed modalities and honorarium for development of MCQs, integrated case scenarios and case studies.
In case of further queries write to [email protected]

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