Labour Codes – Benefits for Workers by Govt.

• Universalization of right of minimum wages and timely payment of wages to all workers including unorganized workers presently minimum wages applicable to only 30% of workers.
• Statutory concept of National Floor Wage introduced: will reduce regional disparity in minimum wages.
• Fixation of minimum wages simplified, leading to less number of rates of minimum wages and better compliance.
• Appointment letter for all workers this will promote formalization.
• Annual Health Checkup for employees.
• Occupational Safety & Health (OSH) Code is also applicable to establishments engaged in work of hazardous nature even with a threshold of less than 10 workers.

• Definition of interstate migrant workers modified to include migrant workers employed directly by the employer, workers directly coming to destination State of their own besides the migrant workers employed through a contractor.
• Portability of welfare benefits for migrant workers.

• Extension of ESIC coverage pan India to all districts and all establishments employing 10 or more employees as against those in notified districts/areas only.
• Extension of ESIC coverage to employees working in establishments with less than 10 employees on a voluntary basis.
• Mandatory ESIC coverage through notification by the Central Government for employees in hazardous industries with less than 10 employees.

• Social Security Scheme for Gig workers and Platform workers.
• Re skilling fund introduced for retrenched employees.
• All occupations opened for women and permitted to work at night with safeguards.
• Provision for Social Security Fund for unorganized workers.
• Gratuity for Fixed Tem Employment Provision of gratuity on completion of one year service as against 5years.

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