What is GSTR-2B made available on GST Portal? How it’s Beneficial for Taxpayers?


GSTR-2B is an auto-drafted Input Tax Credit (ITC) statement made available on the GST portal from July 2020 Return. It is available to all taxpayers and generated for every recipient, on the basis of the information furnished by their suppliers, in their respective Form GSTR-1 & 5 and Form GSTR-6 filed by ISD.

GSTR-2B provides eligible and ineligible Input Tax Credit (ITC) under section 17(5) for each month, same as GSTR-2A but it remains unchanged for a period.

GSTR-2B is a static statement (Unchanged) available for each month on the 12th of the succeeding month. E.g.: August 2020 statement available on 12th September 2020.

Note:- GSTR 2B would be viewed on common portal – Return Dashboard> Select Return period> GSTR 2B View / Download

GSTR-2B Statement

How GSTR-2B Beneficial for Taxpayers?

Taxpayers can now reconcile data generated in Form GSTR-2B, with their own records and books of accounts. Using this reconciliation, they can now file their Form GSTR 3B and they can ensure that

  • no credit is taken twice,
  • credit is reversed as per law, &
  • tax on reverse charge basis is paid.

GSTR-2B consists of A summary of ITC available as on the date of its generation and is divided into credit that can be availed and credit that is to be reversed (Table 3) and A summary of ITC not available and is divided into ITC not available and ITC reversal (Table 4).

Taxpayers can:-

  • View or download Summary Statement or Section wise details in excel or PDF format.
  • Taxpayers can view supplier wise summary or document wise details.

Key Features of GSTR-2B?

(1.) Filter option: The filter option available in GSTR-2B you can be used to filter based on the following and even data can be downloaded after filtered.

  • Invoice/Note/ISD Document date/Bill of entry Date,
  • Note Type: – Credit note and Debit note
  • Invoice type/Note Supply type:– Regular, Deemed Exports, SEZ Supplies (with or without payment of tax), and Intrastate supplies attracting IGST.
  • ISD Document type
  • Supply attract reverse charge:– Yes / No,
  • GSTR 1/5 filing date,
  • ITC availability:– Yes / No,
  • Applicable % of Tax rate:– 65% / 100%.

(2.) Expand/Collapse option:

  • Expand/collapse all the sections available in the GSTR-2B summary in view mode.
  • By default, all the sections in the GSTR-2B summary are in collapse mode.
  • After expanding any section one can click on any subsection and if record available would reach to invoice level data.

(3.) Display/Hide column in view mode: A specific column can be hidden or displayed on the portal which could be helpful for further analysis.

(4.) Record per page :User may fix the number of records per page which. Max 100.

(5.) Search Option: Search functionality is applicable across the columns for the table being viewed. Characters allowed in the search functionality are numbers (0 – 9) characters (A – Z) and special characters ( / ‘ – . ).

(6.) View/Download: Available online as well as in download form on click of a button.

(7.) No 20 Minute Waiting Time: there is no requesting and waiting for 20 mins.

(8.) Date of filing by supplier: Date of filing of GSTR 1 and GSTR 5 by the supplier is available in view mode as well as download in excel. This could be helpful to understand when such document is filed by the supplier

(9.) Reference of Table no. of GSTR 3B: In view mode on the common portal, a summary of each section has the reference of table number of GSTR 3B in which credit of specific invoice can be availed/not availed. The same is available in the downloaded excel.

Difference Between GSTR-2A or GSTR-2B?

Sr. No.Basis of DifferenceGSTR-2AGSTR-2B
1.Brief about StatementDynamic, as it changes from day to day, as and when the supplier uploads the documents.Remains static or constant, as the GSTR-2B for one month cannot change based on future actions of the supplier.
3.Source of DataGSTR-1, GSTR-5, GSTR-6, GSTR-7, GSTR-8GSTR-1, GSTR-5, GSTR-6, ICEGATE system
4.Details of Import of GoodsDoes not contain these detailsContains ITC on import of goods as obtained from ICEGATE system (available from GSTR-2B of August 2020 onwards)
Difference between GSTR 2A and GSTR 2B

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